We offer a variety of O&M service packages based on your needs, desired amount of involvement, value preference, and location – from basic preventative options to all-encompassing ones. We most likely will be able to find the right O&M package for you. Our standard scope O&M service packages are listed below for more details.

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Perfect for the owner that wants maximum control over dispatches to their site(s) with minimal upfront investment. This simple package is ideal for a customer that prefers a lower base fee and is willing to pay for additional services as they are approved.

Included Services:

  • Annual preventative maintenance in-field inspection and subsequent report
  • Monitoring and owner alert services 
  • Annual performance and work order summary report
  • Warranty coordination services 


Our most complete service package for those owners that prefer to let us handle the day-to-day activities and want to mitigate their corrective maintenance costs.

Included Services:

  • Annual preventative maintenance in-field inspection and subsequent report
  • Monitoring and owner alert services
  • Annual performance and work order summary report
  • Troubleshooting/diagnostic field services
  • Warranty coordination services
  • Corrective maintenance (including drive time and in-field troubleshooting time)
  • Vegetative management (if so desired)

Additional Services

All of the above packages can be customized to an owner’s desire based on preference and situation.

Our typical add-ons (depending on package level) include:

  • Corrective maintenance (including drive times and in-field troubleshooting time)
  • Warranty labor repairs 
  • Vegetative management 
  • Module cleaning 
  • Meter calibration 
  • Request for information

Special Projects

Between the variety of career experiences and the locations that we serve, we are often approached on topics related to solar projects that fall outside of a typical O&M or Asset Management scope. As more and more C&I sized solar systems age and various manufacturers of parts and components transition in and out of the industry many assets are left stranded, neglected, or completely abandoned from a maintenance point of view. Other factors, including weather, unsuitable locations, or simply absentee owners have led to a rise in the need for a prompt, safe, and inexpensive removal option.

Depending on the location and complexity of the issues we may well have a uniquely comprehensive and qualified team of local sub-contractors that can be quickly utilized for either immediate or near-term, “non-standard” solar asset issues mitigation. Between this community and our strong affiliate relationship with New Energy Equity, we can delve into many scenarios that many of our competitors will not touch.

To date these have included:

  • Tear down / removal of existing systems (either on ground or rooftop/canopies) & reinstallation 
  • Repowering/upgrading of an outdated system
  • Disposal of modules or balance of plant equipment

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