Asset Management

Our detail-oriented staff manages the administrative, financial, and commercial tasks associated with each project’s contractual obligations to ensure optimal economic performance. The importance of good asset management cannot be understated and includes both making sure the bills are collected and paid on time to prevent unnecessary fees and other legal liabilities due to missing deadlines or non-compliance.

Our comprehensive solar asset management services include:

  • Billing and collections services
  • Customer support, phone and email hotline
  • Financial accounting set-up and ongoing management 
  • Bank account management
  • Land lease and easement management
  • Interconnection agreement management 
  • Compliance filings and reports
  • Tax preparation and payment management
  • Incentive and SREC tracking, verification, and disbursement
  • Insurance oversight

Billing and Collection Services

We are able to prepare, deliver and collect invoices for services offered through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Energy Services Agreements (ESA), or Community Solar Subscription Agreements (CSSA). We manage the ACH processing and collecting of monies due into the system owner’s account. Collection services can include late notices, follow-ups, and collection calls when necessary.

Customer Support and Phone and Email Hotline

We provide a complete range of customer care services, relieving you of the operational burden of responding to service requests and billing. Our team can log phone and email communications with customers directly into our client’s customer management system. Also, our team will try to resolve all requests based on a predetermined protocol to address the most common issues.


Financial Accounting Set-up and Ongoing Management

Our solution for financial and accounting services includes the set-up and management of the accounting framework to provide tracking, auditing, and reporting of business transactions. Also included is the preparation of financial statements of the legal entity owning the asset with supportive documents.

Bank Account Management

Imagine sorting through a ton of mail after a few days away from the office. You do not want to miss an important check in the pile of unsolicited junk mail. Our back-office team does not miss a beat in ensuring our client’s bank accounts are promptly credited and debited per the corresponding agreements. We maintain and administer the project’s bank accounts with the use of remote deposits, remote checking, check scanning services, and other online banking features.


Land Lease and Easement Management

Our team handles land lease contracts on your behalf. We provide the security and peace of mind that all land lease payments are paid and documented per contractual requirements. Good landowner relationships are critical to maintaining both your investment and your reputation as an owner. ESS will cultivate this relationship, addressing potential issues like access road maintenance, erosion control, and vegetation management concerns.

Interconnection Agreement Management

Energy Support Services makes sure that the solar facility complies with all applicable interconnection agreement requirements and works with the utility to minimize the system’s downtime attributed to the operation of the grid.


Compliance Filings and Reports

Our clients have the option to have our experts prepare and submit reports and filings as required by federal, state, and local authorities. Such filings and authorities may include annual LLC filings, EIA reporting, Public Utilities Commission, and State revenues.

Tax Preparation and Payment Management

At the request of our clients, we prepare federal and state annual tax filings as well as any requested K-1’s, and 1099 notices. Suppose there are fees or payments due to any Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ); in that case, we make those payments on behalf of our clients from the project’s bank account and after obtaining the corresponding approvals.


Incentive and SREC Tracking, Verification, and Disbursement

Our asset management team uses its deep knowledge of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) markets to devise a strategy for your investment. We track and verify all performance-based incentives to ensure that our clients are receiving full monetization from all the attributes of their site. Furthermore, we handle all requirements related to these income streams, including cash management and compliance.

Insurance Oversight

Insurance is the critical component of the risk mitigation strategy to protect assets. When mother nature strikes, we prepare, file, and enforce insurance claims. We track the insurance payout process to minimize solar system downtime. Just as important as getting our claims paid, we handle any payments or fees as required to maintain necessary insurance policies for the solar facility.


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